Angelo Furlanetto

Angelo Furlanetto

San Francisco - California - United States

April 19, 1888 - July 8, 1958

70 years old

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Angelo Furlanetto was born in Asolo, province of Treviso, Veneto region, Italy. He married Grandma Teresa at a young age. Due to the difficulty to raise the family, with several children, illnesses and poverty, decided to come alone to America (USA) in 1910.

He settled in McCloud, California, to work for the McCloud River Lumber Company. Angelo made several trips back to Italy after WWI. All records are on Ellis Island in the ships’ manifests. The family remained in Italy. Fortunato, one of his children passed away. Two remained alive: Ferruccio (married and emigrated to Caracas, Venezuela in 1949-50) and Wilson (with his family and Nonna Teresa settled in Toronto, Canada around 1957).

As an American citizen he fought during World War I with the army: “Army Veteran”. He was a member of the American Legion.

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I wish we were able to contact you, share precious moments together and learn more about your legacy.

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