Veterans Associations

In this page the Veteran’s organizations can create their associations for FREE to honor the memories of the passing military members, police or firefighters and celebrate them.

The Veteran’s family can create the Obituary or IN-MEMORIAM for free, to be displayed on our main List of Obituaries & In-Memoriam, and when the Veteran’s corresponding association is created it could be displayed inside the group as well.

Please, REGISTER first to create a new Obituary or In-Memoriam for the person, or to create a new Association.

If you want to see any of the Veteran’s associations already created, please SEE them, or SEARCH for one below.

Our Cause

The families of the falling heroes.

We support the families of American heroes falling in the line of duty

Publish Obituaries & In-Memoriam

We are committed to publish FREE obituaries & In-Memoriam of all Veterans as well as the service men and women from armed forces, police and firefighters who have fallen in the line of duty.  Please get in contact with us at 1-844-PASSAWAY or 1-855-PASSAWAY.

Share Profits

We will be glad to share a percentage of our profits, as a donation, to any non-profit organization or foundation nominated by the families of those who have fallen in the line of duty.   We will announce the process to follow during the year.

Our Commitment

We feel privileged and honored to support Veterans and their families.

We are proud of the choice of our cause and we include these organizations:

Armed forces: Army, Marine Corps,

Navy, Air Force, National Guard and Coast Guard

Police departments and Firefighters